Unraveling LEVIATHAN

Decapitating The Serpent of Twisted Truth

3 Hour ON-DEMAND Webinar with Prophet Reeni Mederos

with 30 Days of Unlimited Viewing Access

You are invited to be a part of this rare opportunity to be personally mentored by Apostle & Prophet Reeni Mederos. This unique 3 Hour ON-DEMAND E-Mentoring Webinar Session of Unraveling LEVIATHAN that will Identify, Expose and Capture Leviathan Roots, Mindsets, Strongholds & Deceptions in our own personal lives, family bloodlines, churches and our nation with practical activations, petitions, and cases presented with Courts of Heaven strategies. As Christians, we can have no part in this twister of God’s truth but is sadly prevalent in many people’s lives and even in our churches. This should not be!  Partake of fresh cutting edge practical teaching, revelation and Biblical insight.  Reeni reveals her very own secrets on how to overcome Leviathan’s twist and to recognize its workings, characteristics and practical ways to be FREE from its influence as well as its deceptions and to help others be free from its coils.

Be equipped as Reeni will reveal the mysteries of God’s Kingdom and unravel this vile serpent that is set to destroy anything in its path that will give it the time of day.  Partake of the recorded LIVE interaction and glean from the interactive questions and answers in an up close and personal format.

As always, every session includes the option of taking holy communion as a group to honor the Lord Jesus Christ!

Be Informed! Be Equipped! Be Empowered!

$20.00 Registration Per Person or $30.00 Registration Per Married Couple – Includes Unlimited ON-DEMAND Access for 30 Days